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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Making my classroom more accesible

To create a more equitable classroom, I use an engagement framework that emphasizes participation in the learning community. This framework emphasizes that all students should have access to appropriate materials to navigate the curriculum, that all students are capable of building competence, and can therefore be an authority in the classroom, and creates space for students to build a sense of belonging.

Supporting Existing Programs

There are many programs that support historically excluded students in the geosciences. It has been a true delight to work with programs like the Denver Public Schools community mentors program, RESESS, and GAMES while at CU. At the University of Idaho I am very excited to work with the Upward Bound TRIO-inspire program. I am so grateful to the coordinators who makes those programs possible.

Supporting systemic change in the Geosciences

To support systemic change in the geosciences, I take participation on departmental committees and learning opportunities like Unlearning Racism in the Geosciences (URGE) very seriously. During URGE I acted as a ‘pod’ co-leader for the CU Boulder Geological Sciences group, which included recruiting department interest, organizing meetings, and presenting findings to the faculty. Through the formalized URGE curriculum, my department identified over 40 actions that ranged both in the timescale of implementation (i.e. scale of days to years) and impact. The URGE pod still continues to engage with the department to push forward proposed actions to make lasting change in the CU Boulder department.

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